House Rules - Please Read

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House Rules - Please Read

Post by Admin on Wed 23 Jun 2010 - 12:59


If your about to join our community can you please take a moment to read our house rules. We don’t intend to lord over our home with an iron rod, although I know that’s right up Unky Al’s street, but the rules we have will be enforced when we feel its necessary.

1. We operate a strict over 18 only policy that is not debatable, as we plan to be a mature gamers hideout from the screaming kids on live.

2. All decisions made by the admin are final.

3. We will not tolerate any kind of post or discussions regarding illegal activities, eg child porn, drug taking, links to illegal download sites etc.

4. Any member caught posting or discussing racial abuse will be banned from the forum immediately, racism serves no point in the real world and serves no point here.

5. We do not tolerate any form of bullying either on the boards or in game, also homophobic/stereo-typing or sexist comments will not be tolerated, although playground banter is fine lets try and keep away from insults.

6. This forum has been created for the people by the people and all comments made to the admin team regarding making this a better place will always be considered

7. There is a three strike warning system in place, any one person warned more than three times by any member of the team will be permanently banned.

8. We have a few policies about game arranging and these can be found in the relevant thread in that section of the forum.

After all is said and done as long as you adhere to these simple rules, come in pull up a chair and make yourself at home.

The FWG Admin.

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