Good Game.

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Good Game.

Post by PuNisHeR on Mon 28 Mar 2011 - 13:45

Was just poping over to say well done for last nights game, was fun.. i enjoyed vs a couple of old friends Very Happy
once again thanks and good luck with the rest of the season.

Smithy Very Happy


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Re: Good Game.

Post by N1NJA FWG on Mon 28 Mar 2011 - 13:51

Cheers Smithy, well done to you and your guys too. Best of luck for the rest of the season



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Re: Good Game.

Post by dazzmiester on Mon 28 Mar 2011 - 16:11

Looks like smithy beat me to it.

Well done everyone. U had us rethink our tactics after the first 2 rounds.

Was good to finally play with you guys even if you could cut the tention with a knife at first Very Happy.

Duke (i think) was a pain in the arse with the shotty lol and unky al was pretty good, but thats what made it a good game, we all were unpredictable.
Nice to see matt back on xbox, even if he didnt recognise me Wink.

Anyways good luck for the season, and the offer is always open for a warm up scrim, even if its not us lot. We have 4 other teams.

Happy gaming and peace out.
Daz x

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Re: Good Game.

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