Anonymous Twitter account gets hacked....

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Anonymous Twitter account gets hacked....

Post by Killswitchmad on Thu 21 Feb 2013 - 14:36

Hacker collective Anonymous has suffered an embarrassing breach, as one of its popular Twitter feeds is taken over by rival hacktivists.

Little-known group Rustle League said it had hacked the @Anon_Central account which has 160,000 followers.

It follows some high-profile Twitter hacks in recent days - including accounts for Burger King, Jeep and BBC Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

Experts warn that users need to strengthen their passwords.

"The reason Anonymous fell victim is probably human weakness," said Graham Cluley, senior consultant at security firm Sophos.

"Chances are that they followed poor password practices, like using the same password in multiple places or choosing a password that was easy to crack.

Everyone should learn better password security from incidents like this - if it can happen to an account run by Anonymous supporters, it could happen to you," he said.

On Monday, the account for Burger King was breached and on Tuesday that of Chrysler-owned Jeep was broken into.

One message on the Burger King account claimed that the company had been sold to McDonalds while the Jeep account tweeted about rival cars.

Meanwhile, BBC presenter Jeremy Clarkson's account was hacked by spammers advertising weight-loss tablets
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Re: Anonymous Twitter account gets hacked....

Post by Pais on Thu 21 Feb 2013 - 19:11

My account gets hacked quite regular. Always end up following the same person from Russia (vp_kremlin i think). Have changed password 4 times this year and i still end up following them.

Perhaps they like big fat English men. Or the KGB want me Shocked


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