Good Morning guys :)

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Good Morning guys :)

Post by dazzmiester on Tue 4 Jun 2013 - 11:58

Aww, still black name Sad...

Anywhoo, well, theres been some nostalgia kicking about the WGL and twitter, feels good to look back on things. So i thought i would pop over to check in on the guys that took me to WGL Smile
So glad things are still alive and kicking over here. Sooo many new guys as well so your defo growing Very Happy Hope your all well.

I wanna say thank you again to the guys who scrimmed us at short notice before the cup sunday gone. Only remembered Sean i think from last time we played u way back on blops1 where he unloaded a shotgun in my face Suspect lol. It was good fun. Law Ram? nearly took a 3 man clutch on us and 2 of them are LAN players Hooray made my day that did lol.

I see you guys have a HCSD team? Now dont worry, am not gona ask you to play us, well unless u wana, but if you like next time our community team put together a small multi clan tourny for fun, il pass you guys on? They really only play for fun, just like u guys. The task with them is to try and not get killed from behind by a team mate lol. Up to you anyways Smile It usually involves only FUN teams, not us sweaty ass seriously, they wont even let A team members join in lol.

So ye, bottom line, nice to see some of you still about. Chris, Marky, Atkins, Al, Waylander etc. Ahh the memories Smile

Oh, check it btw, still not changed my GT for like 6 months Laughing Back to ye olde xWeLsH DaZzLeRx Smile

Daz x

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Re: Good Morning guys :)

Post by FWG Big T on Tue 4 Jun 2013 - 15:18

welcome back other mate. it was a laugh even if we got a raping.
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