Ascend : Hand of Kul closed beta launches

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Ascend : Hand of Kul closed beta launches

Post by falviousuk on Thu 4 Jul 2013 - 1:01

For those that signed up for the beta for this action RPG game, the beta invites have been sent out.


Ascend : Hand of Kul is an action RPG xbox 360 arcade game. This will be a free game with microtransactions to buy certain upgrades quicker rather than grinding.

You create your own Characer creature and enter into the world to fight for your God. There are armour, weapon and magic items to find and buy, and all can be upgraded, repaired and sold.

You can grind away collecting souls which are used as currency, you can also use real money to buy extra souls if you want to upgrade faster.

The game itself is a hack and slash affair, movig through the lands fending off trolls and other assorted denizens.

The world is populated with humans, that you can bring over to your side by taking over alters. You can then use these humans to your advantage by calling them to you, they will climb onto you and help you attack other creatures. You can also eat them for a quick health restore, or throw them at enemies.

You also see other players moving through the world in the form of ethreal ghosts, something similar to how fable 3 and 4 integrated online play with other gamers.
You cant interect with them directly or fight them, however you can use a spell to summon portals when you are under attack, these portals draw in some of the enemies attacking you and send them in another palyers game to attack their character, you receive points for this. Other players can and will do the same to you. Enemies send into your world are identified with the players name above them. It's an interesting take on online play with other users, you can also hear them talking, again a similar way that the fable games achieved this.

The game play, so far is basic, press x for normal attack, y for harder attack, b for magic spell. You can also do combos such as x x y.

The size of your character is much larger than the in game humans, however there are larger enemies than you in the game as well.

Graphics are decent, and the game appears quite fun so far, though im only just starting it.

It reminds me of the ios game epic had done,Infinity Blade, except you are in a fully 3d world with free movement, and a much more diverse range of enemies.

Free to play with microtransactions.  No info on release date yet, however you can sign up for closed beta.

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