June update early preview

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June update early preview

Post by PSG Penny on Sat 24 May 2014 - 22:02

The June update preview is coming soon, so get that external storage ready!

Hi all! We know since Wednesday's announcement of the June update that you are all very excited to get to see these new features in action, and we're working hard to deliver! While I can't say a specific time, I can tell you we will have this update ready for you to preview *very soon*.

With that in mind, we thought you might like to get ready for one of the coolest features of the June update: External Storage. If you've been holding off to pick up a drive, don't delay! Just make sure you pick up a hard drive that meets the following requirements:

Must be USB 3.0At least 256GB in size

Some other notes to keep in mind:

You can connect up to two external hard drives at once, and we encourage those of you who want to try this and have two hard drives to do so!Your external hard drive can be powered by either an AC Adapter or straight from USB

That's it! Hopefully you'll be ready to plug in a drive as soon as the update is released for preview, and start installing ALL the things! We'll let you know the moment we are ready to kick off this preview for you, but until then - Game on!

PSG Penny
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