Battlefield: Hardline (cops vs. thieves) leaks [Everything ever about the game leaks]

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Battlefield: Hardline (cops vs. thieves) leaks [Everything ever about the game leaks]

Post by PSG Penny on Tue 27 May 2014 - 17:24

Possibly called Battlefield: Havana (purely speculative)?

Very disappointed it's cross-gen but unsurprising.

Update 1: Some details

More details, from the comments via source:

Yeah it's probably the rumored SWAT themed BF game. I've found quite a lot of info...

EDIT1: The code-name is apparently Omaha.

EDIT2: Possible game modes: TDM, Turf War (Small and Large), Heist and Blood Mooney.

EDIT3: Possible teams: SWAT, Thieves, "LW" and "CR".

EDIT4: The game is pretty much ready for E3, Heist and Blood Mooney will be playable on the map High Tension (MP_Downtown).

EDIT5: I believe Commander mode will be available too.

EDIT6: Possible "classes" (maybe they're just loadouts): Enforcer, Mastermind, Techincian and Professional. There should be vehicles too.

EDIT7: Possible in-game store where you can buy weapons and accessories (hopefully ala CounterStrike).

EDIT8: There will be the police baton ("The police baton is used in melee combat to deter wrongdoes from bad behavior.")
Visceral basically confirmed:

Originally Posted by reddit

Hey DICE, the emblem creator is now broken, there is 2 missing emblems, one of them is called 'visceralskull' and if you click on it and save, it completely breaks the emblem creator. It creates the object but does not load effectively breaking it.

[–]SvartAnka 3 points 40 minutes ago [DICE Employee]
On it.

Also, name seems to be Battlefield: Hardline.

Originally Posted by reddit

[–]ShavedAp3 4 points 2 hours ago*
Battlefield Hardline, you heard it here first Smile
I found a youtuber that went to San Francisco recently who has been adding battlefield hardline to his video tags. I dont really want to name names because I dont want to drop anyone in it but anyway thats how I came up with that name.
A number of them went by the way xFactor, LevelCap and JackFrags to name but a few and none of them have said why yet. You can bet they saw something they cant talk about yet my guess is this is it. I wasn't sure based on the YouTube tags until this picture now I'm certain.

Ribbons from the next Battlefield game

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Re: Battlefield: Hardline (cops vs. thieves) leaks [Everything ever about the game leaks]

Post by Pais on Tue 27 May 2014 - 17:43

I like the sound of this,just hope it's fixed on release.


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